Note to Correspondents Statement by the Special Envoy on the release of Yemeni detainees


The Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, welcomes the unilateral release of 128 Yemeni detainees by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I am grateful to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this move. This, together with other measures to de-escalate violence are proof of the parties’ good will and interest to provide a conducive environment for peace-making. I am thankful for the efforts of the International Committee of the Red Cross in facilitating this process,” Mr. Griffiths said.

The Special Envoy urged the parties to continue working towards fulfilling their commitment to release all conflict-related detainees as per the Stockholm agreement.

“I reiterate my invitation to the parties to work with my office and the International Committee of the Red Cross on the future exchange of detainees in order to alleviate the abject suffering of the families waiting to be reunited with their loved ones,” he said.