3 February 2019

The third meeting of the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC), chaired by General Cammaert, convened today on board a UN vessel berthed in the port of Hudaydah. Both the Government of Yemen and Houthi RCC representatives are present. General Cammaert opened the meeting by underlining the importance of respecting the ceasefire which came into effect on 18 December. He warned the parties about the fragility of the ceasefire and urged them to instruct their commanders on the ground to refrain from any further violations that would jeopardize the Stockholm Agreement and the broader peace process for Yemen. Both parties have reiterated their commitment to implementing the Hudaydah aspects of the Stockholm Agreement, and in particular, underscored their commitment to finding a solution that would open up the Hudaydah-Sana’a road to allow humanitarians access to the Red Sea Mills. Talks are cordial and constructive. They will continue tomorrow.