WHO Regional Director’s statement on urgent and immediate access into Taiz City for delivery of health supplies

14 January 2016

Despite repeated calls for immediate access to meet urgent health needs throughout Yemen, the World Health Organization continues to be unable to deliver life-saving medicines and medical supplies in many parts of the country.

Access to meet the health needs of the population of Taiz city is of particular concern. For the last 4 weeks, since 14 December, trucks have been blocked from delivering WHO life-saving medicines to address needs in trauma care and the treatment of diarrhoea, as well as other health supplies, including 500 cylinders of oxygen. These medical supplies are urgently needed by 6 public hospitals in the city.

This lack of access affects the health of almost 250 000 people in the city. WHO has tried to find alternative routes through neighbouring Aden and Lahj governorates to deliver the supplies, but this has also been unsuccessful due to security concerns.

I call on all parties to facilitate the safe and immediate passage of medical supplies and other humanitarian assistance to Taiz City and to all areas in Yemen where people are in urgent need of aid.

Dr Ala Alwan
WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean